Meet Greg Ware of Twinapath Publishing By Voyage L A

Today we’d like to introduce you to Greg Ware.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
My first passion in life was guitar, which I practiced diligently until I was proficient enough to join a band after high-school. I enjoyed creating my own songs more than playing the hits, which compelled me to purchase recording equipment.

Literally, my first record was used on commercials for KDAY in Los Angeles and landed me a distribution deal. In 1984, when the Olympics were in LA, I produced and performed Olympic Rap which KJLH put on rotation during the games! By 1990, I’d written and produced my first Billboard R&B Top 40 hit, “Hard Up” on Eric Gable for Orpheus/Capitol. Each success opened another door as I signed with Pen Music, and soon had many songs placed on popular television shows like: Boston Public, Felicity, Nip-Tuck, and America’s Top Model.

However, my life changed when I was hired as an administrator for the local school district after obtaining a Master’s in Education. I continued songwriting but miraculously became pregnant with my first novel. Six years later “Just Love Everybody” was born and I self-published it on Amazon. It opened with impressive reviews and in 2017 won Readers’ Favorite “Gold Medal” in the Visionary category! My enduring relationship with lyrics led me to poetry and Dying Ain’t Easy was published in 2018, by the Altadena Poetry Review. My eclectic anthology “Poetic Therapy” is also available on Amazon.

I recently wrote and produced a smooth jazz album conveniently titled, “Just Love Everybody.” With all three endeavors on Amazon and other formats, I wanted to unleash the synergy between them and felt that comedy was the perfect vessel. After retiring in 2018, I plunged into the saturated Stand-Up pool. I entered the US Comedy Contest in 2019 and swam to the Finals! Buoyed by that success I’ve been performing at every opportunity. Sal’s Comedy Hole in Hollywood, Flappers, and the Ice House keep me in regular rotation. I’m also participating in the Burbank Comedy Festival this year.

Has it been a smooth road?

The fruits of knowledge ripen in the highest branches, and the harvest of an artist can’t be monetarily quantified. I often learned more from rejection than success. Luckily, I realized the importance of having a back-up plan and college degrees come in handy. Many of my talented friends in the industry struggle without an alternative source of income. It was fortuitous to have an identical twin brother, who could assist me during my most perilous moments.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Twinapath Publishing story. Tell us more about the business.

My business goal is far different from the norm because I realize “Father Time is Running Out on Mother Nature!” Until the religious, political, and racial divisions are appropriately addressed, this world will remain in crisis. There’s a reason my novel and album are entitled “Just Love Everybody” because I’m convinced humanity needs a reboot. My novel addresses mysticism in a scientific capacity, as my time-traveling protagonist returns to the crucifixion to give Jesus a paternity test! With more twists and turns than a Twilight Zone marathon, the reader is enthralled until the last syllable. Yes, there’s more than one way to peel a parable! The “Just Love Everybody” album accompanies the book as every musical moment of this crucial journey is captured forever. The alluring voices of RobJon, Toni Peete, Tom Brown, and David McClendon accompany a band that includes musical giants Byron Miller, Kenneth Crouch, Robert Kyle, and Trevor Lawrence Jr.

I’m known for possessing a cavernous voice, that analyzes relationships in an illuminating fashion. A wordsmith who understands that laughter is the half that makes us whole! I love to act out my characters because the audience gets to absorb the emotions of the moment. My humor paints a tapestry that not only mirrors society but inspires reflection. From growing up with an identical gay twin brother, to having two kids before the prom, no truth is left unturned. My mission will only be accomplished when we, “Just Love Everybody!”

Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Favorite Just Love Everybody: Father Time is Running Out On Mother Nature by Greg Ware is a novel set in the far future where the world is almost destroyed, but one man is on a mission to save everyone with a unique and almost eclectic idea. In a story set in 2031, the USA is plagued by ISIS and people are trying to barely survive under their reign of terror. During this chaos, the very much loved obstetrician Jake Love is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with anyone from the past for 24 hours.

Even though this man can choose to meet anyone, he chooses to meet Jesus. But he chooses to meet with Jesus on the day that He was crucified. His plan is to get a blood sample to find out His paternity and be able to clone Jesus. Jake Love had no idea that his meeting with Jesus could have such vital importance in the future of the mankind. It could be the answer to the prayers of many people wanting an end to terrorism, or it could give birth to another nightmare. What is going to happen now? Can Jake take the blood sample? Will it even work?

This is the best kind of sci-fi, something that even readers who don't enjoy this genre will love to read. Jake is a likable character, he is detailed and developed beautifully. His journeys back in time were very well detailed and constructed, so much so that you cannot find even a single fault with them. I loved the way he reacted; I loved his dry humor and witty responses as much as his charismatic personality. Just Love Everybody is truly a one of a kind novel that should not be missed.